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I am a Yukon Wolf

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Hi, this is Cocoa again. Last month I had to write an English assignment about what animal I thought I was most like and why. My teacher gave us a link to a quiz that we could take to help us decide on an animal. I think I did the quiz four times because I kept on getting weird animals and I didn't know what to write, but on the last quiz I ended up getting the WOLF. To be honest I wasn't sure about that either but my mom told me to stop taking the quiz and to research the wolf a little bit and so I did. I LOVE dogs so I knew that wolves should be pretty cool too. Here is what I wrote:

I am like a Yukon wolf and just like them i am often misunderstood. Wolves are known to be very mean, bad, some even say dangerous. I have heard people say that I am mean, spoiled, arrogant, and stupid. Just like people make up stories about wolves, some people also make up stuff about me. People judge too quickly and don’t take the time to really see.

Wolves are actually very kind and gentle creatures. I am actually all about kindness and help people and animals. Just like the wolves help protect against climate change, I also care about the environment and try to protect it.

Wolves tend to stay away from humans because they want to stay out of trouble unless they or someone from their pack is being attacked. I also try to stay out of trouble but just like the wolves, if my friends or siblings are being bullied, I will stick up for them.

A third thing I have in common with wolves is being active. They are always out and about just like me. They probably roam around the woods and I don’t have woods nearby but I love climbing trees, playing 4 square and I always have to move.

Some of the Yukon wolves have lots of dark brown hair and big eyes. I guess those are physical things we also have in common. A wolf also howls. It is one of their ways of communicating with their pack. I don’t howl but I sing. My singing and music is one of my ways of  expressing myself just like the wolves do.

Most importantly though I am intelligent and ambitious, two traits that wolves and I have in common. I like to be a leader and take care of my pack, just like the main wolf would. There are so many things that I have in common with wolves and to be honest this is a big surprise.

In conclusion, wolves and I are very similar. People might think we are mean and scary but in reality we are both playful, gentle, kind and intelligent. Don't judge a book by its cover.

Here is the link to the quiz I took if you want to try it...



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