About The Care Gift Elves (TCGE)

TCGE Pledge:


"We the Care Gift Elves pledge to 

stand up for each other,

help the community,

to always smile,

to spread kindness wherever we go,

to accept everyone for who they are and

to always believe in ourselves."

TCGE started with five ten year old friends trying to spread some kindness and bring the 'gift' of 'caring' to others. TCGE has grown as a group in the past months and anyone that is interested to join and commits to spread kindness and make a difference is welcome. TCGE is about inclusivity, kindness and accepting everyone for who they are.

With this website and blog TCGE have decided to share a little of their thoughts and views on every day preteen life.


Content monitored by parents.



BeachMetro: http://www.beachmetro.com/2016/11/29/east-end-elves-learn-lifes-necessities-give-back/

Goodhood: http://www.goodhood.ca/whats-good/the-care-gift-elves-spreading-cheer-in-toronto-east-end

Malala Fund: https://assembly.malala.org/stories/angelina-learning-disability-journey

TVO Kids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cudVv5_ElpI

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About Us

Hi, we are the Care Gift Elves (TCGE) between the ages of 13 - 14, some of us happen to enjoy writing.  Like Cocoa (Angelina), Winter (Sophie), Candy Cane (Kala) and Icicle (Callia). Our everyday mission is to spread Kindness and make a difference wherever we go. We hope you join us in our mission to make this world a better place.

Bonjour, nous sommes trois membres des "care gift elves". Nous avons entre 13 et 14 ans et nous adorons écrire. Nous appelons Winter (Sophie), Icicle (Callia) et Cocoa (Angelina) et notre mission de tous les jours est de propager de l'amour et faire une différence partout où nous allons. On espère que vous vous joindrez à nous pour aider la terre.


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